Teradata Certified Design Architect V2R5


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Teradata Certified Design Architect V2R5

Candidates must pass:
Exam NR0-011: Teradata Basics V2R5
Exam NR0-012: Physical Implementation V2R5
Exam NR0-015: Design Architecture V2R5

Exam NR0-015: Design Architecture V2R5 consist of 60 questions. Time allowed for the exam is 75 minutes. Here are some example questions and answers:

When might the Fast Export and FastLoad utilities be used as a backup/recovery approach?
A - 300 large static tables
B - 20 small volatile tables
C - 20 small static tables
D - 300 large volatile tables

Correct: C

Which two statements are true about a dimensional data model? (Choose two)
A - It often implements fewer tables.
B - It is extremely flexible.
C - It requires significantly less ETL activity.
D - It reduces the need for summary tables.
E - It can be adopted to optimize performance.

Correct: A,E

When would you use identity columns? (Choose two)
A - when more even data distribution is needed
B - to reduce the need to generate keys outside of Teradata
C - when users need key values with hidden significance of intelligence
D - to facilitate moving applications from other systems to Teradata

Correct: A,B,D

The passing score for the exam is 620 out of a possible maximum score of 800.

Teradata Certification


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