Teradata Certified Professional V2R5


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Teradata Certified Professional V2R5

Candidates must pass Exam NR0-011: Teradata Basics V2R5. The exam consist of 45 questions. Time allowed for the exam is 60 minutes. Here are some example questions and answers:

Which two statements about vproc migration during a node failure are true? (Choose two)
A - Access to some data is maintained.
B - System performance remains constant.
C - System performance degradation is proportional to clique size.
D - Access to all data is maintained.

Correct: C,D

Which three are characteristics of Active Data Warehousing? (Choose three)
A - allows users to directly update the operational data store (ODS)
B - allows for data redundancy
C - provides scalability to support large amounts of detailed data
D - provides an integrated environment that support strategic and tactical queries

Correct: A,C,D

At which three levels can locks be placed? (Choose three)
A - database
B - row hash
C - table
D - block
E - system

Correct: A,B,C

The passing score for the exam is 600 out of a possible maximum score of 800.

Teradata Certification


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