Teradata Certified SQL Specialist V2R5


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Teradata Certified SQL Specialist V2R5

Candidates must pass:
Exam NR0-011: Teradata Basics V2R5
Exam NR0-013: Teradata SQL V2R5

Exam NR0-013: Teradata SQL V2R5 consist of 60 questions. Time allowed for the exam is 75 minutes. Here are some example questions and answers:

Which column(s) does DISTINCT apply to in the following query?
SELECT DISTINCT dept_num, job_code FROM employee;
A - dept_num
B - job_code
C - dept_num and job_code
D - It does not apply to either column as the query needs parentheses.

Correct: C

Which two symbols serve as wildcards in the string expression of the LIKE operator?
A - _ and %
B - _ and $
C - $ and %
D - & and %

Correct: A

Which option is available with Global Temporary tables:
A - Permanent Journaling
B - Referential Constraints
C - Identity Column
D - Collect Statistics

Correct: D

The passing score for the exam is 540 out of a possible maximum score of 800.

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